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VaxVan offers testing a variety of reliable ways to help you control the spread of COVID-19 in your company.

What does VaxVan Offer Employers?

Companies all over are starting to resume their pre-pandemic operations, we know that accurate and available testing in the workplace is vital. However that manifests, VaxVan is dedicated to bringing the right solution to each company or gathering. We will work with each company to create a system that works, ranging from weekly testing at a job site, or simply delivering supplies.

VaxVan has 3 tests to offer that detect COVID-19.

1. Rapid Antigen SARS-CoV-2 -  A baseline test used to test mass employees weekly. Usually followed up with a Rapid PCR test to confirm positive cases.

2. 48 Hour PCR Lab Test - An accurate test sent to an off-site lab with results relayed back in less than 48 hours.

3. 60 Minute Rapid PCR Test - Accurately and quickly determines whether the employee is currently infected with SARS-CoV-2, the underlying virus that causes COVID-19.

How do we test your employees?

Contact us

Call us or send us an email and let us know you're interested in getting your employees tested. We will follow up and decide the best course for your situation.

We come to you

We show up with testers and staff to take care of your employees, and test all employees, or a select number of them, whenever you need it.

Get your results instantly

We give your employees the results via email or text as soon as we get them, so they can continue their work in under an hour.

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