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Frequently Asked Questions

Which vaccinations do you administer? We currently administer Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Pediatric Pfizer vaccinations. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations require a second booster 3-4 weeks after your initial shot.

When will I get my second vaccination? You will be eligible for your 2nd dose either 3 (for Pfizer) or 4 (for Moderna) weeks after your first shot.

What about my booster dose? Those who received their first and second doses (Pfizer and Moderna) as well as those who received a single dose of Johnson and Johnson are eligible for their booster dose 6 months after their second dose (or first dose for Johnson and Johnson). Currently both the Pfizer and Moderna are offered as booster doses regardless of original vaccination.

Are the vaccinations safe? Yes. While every vaccination has some inherent risk, these vaccines have proven to be remarkably safe despite the speed with which they were authorized for use. Serious side effects requiring hospitalization are extremely rare (<1%). The CDC has detailed reports of side effects, but here is a quick summary: 

  • Most common:

    • Mild/moderate soreness at the injection site (~80%)​

    • Headache & mild/moderate fatigue (~50%)

  • Less common (more common after the 2nd dose):

    • Chills (~25%)​

    • Body aches (~50%)

    • Fever (~10%)

    • Diarrhea (~10%)

How much does it cost? There is no cost to any recipient of any of the COVID-19 vaccinations. If you have medical insurance, we will bill them for the administration; but if you do not have insurance, you will still receive the shot at no cost.

Who can get the vaccine? Any U.S. resident age 5+ is eligible to receive either of these vaccinations. Proof of residency or citizenship is not required. Patients between the age of 5-11 are only eligible for the Pediatric Pfizer dose.

Do I need an appointment? Yes, schedule an appointment by calling our offices and scheduling an appointment with one of our coodinators.

What do I need to bring to my appointment? Provided you completed our Vaccine Form online, you do not need to bring anything with you to get your vaccination. If you did not complete that beforehand, we will assist you in completing it on-site, so please bring your medical insurance card with you.

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